Victor - CCNP


Victor- CCNP - “Let your dreams come true”

I arrived in Italy from Cameroon after having done language and translation studies. After about four years of work in a warehouse I decided to fulfill my dreams: to be a network engineer.

Europa Networking has been a wonderful experience for me, initially I wanted to do a free computer course in Torino, but after a long investigation I was told that instructors for this course came from Bergamo. I said why not go to the source.
After a long internet search I got to the website of Europa Networking, got the telephone number and made my first call to the institute to fix a visit.

My visit to the institute was what I had initially anticipated: the reception from the staff was wonderful, the environment was well organized and most of all I saw a series of training devices. That’s what I wanted; REAL LAB devices and not simulators. My first encounter with Valeria was very fruitful, she encouraged me to go ahead with my plans even though not having an IT background.

Many friends and colleagues advised me not to go ahead because, as they said, being a foreigner in Italy, it would be difficult if not impossible to pick up a job after the completion of my course, they said it was just a waste of time and money. I just went ahead with my plans got enrolled for the CCNA, six months later I had my CCNA certification, decided to go in for the CCNP. Got enrolled for the CCNP ROUTE course, got certified two weeks after the end of the ROUTE course. I went in for the SWITCH and TSHOOT course, got the SWITCH certification. I am now preparing to take the TSHOOT certification.

I am now working with a local IT company and hereby call on all foreign students in Italy not to be discouraged by what they will hear from distractors: note that you can be what you want to be no matter your status (foreigner or not). “ Let your dreams come true”



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