My name is Baraka, and I come from a small village in the coastal part of Kenya called Mnarani, Kilifi County. I am the firstborn in a family of 5, being the only Man in the family. With the responsibility of supporting my own family and shouldering the financial burden, life wasn't easy, especially with the security job I had at my previous company. Therefore, I had to search for alternative sources of income to manage all the bills both here in Italy and in Kenya.
I began my search by exploring the courses offered by my company. One day, while browsing LinkedIn during a night shift, I stumbled upon a Computer Networking course. Although I attempted to study on my own, I found it challenging to grasp the concepts effectively.
One fateful day, I was tasked with escorting some engineers to the on-site servers room. Intrigued by what I saw, I decided to inquire about the best school for Computer Networking courses, specifically CCNA. They recommended Cisco, and upon visiting their website, Cisco suggested Europa Networking.
The following day, I browsed the internet to learn more about Europa Networking and discovered their upcoming CCNA course scheduled for the following month. Without hesitation, I enrolled, and that decision changed my life.
Throughout my journey, I encountered various challenges, especially with the Italian language. However, Elena played a crucial role in supporting me whenever I faced difficulties understanding certain concepts. Her patience and guidance were invaluable, and I am forever grateful for her assistance.
Upon completing the CCNA course, I pursued another course called CyberOps. Subsequently, internship opportunities began to surface. Despite facing numerous rejections during interviews, I persevered and finally secured a position at a Telecommunications company.
I now find myself handling a dozen routers and switches, a testament to how far I've come in my professional journey. I am immensely grateful to Valeria, Daniele, Rocco, and everyone else who supported me along the way. I do not take their assistance for granted.
While some may say the sky is the limit, for me, it's merely a stepping stone. Thank you, and I look forward to embarking on my CCNP journey soon.

Marzo, 2024

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